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Dr. Yangchen Dolma, Dr Safoora Bilques, Dr Kausar Sideeq


Abstract- Background: Patient satisfaction is an important parameter for assessing the quality of patient care services.

Objective:  To assess the perception of health care quality among indoor patients.

Design: A Cross Sectional study.

Study Period: November 2012 to December 2012

Material and Method: Data collection was done through interview of 102 admitted Patients at associated hospitals of government medical college, Srinagar. The participants were selected randomly. The questionnaire included three parts i.e., background characteristics of patients, 22 items regarding availability of facility at the hospital and 10 items about physician care, staff care and nursing care. Data was analyzed using appropriate statistical software. Results were expressed in proportions.

Results: Availability of specialists and inexpensiveness were the reason for choosing public health facilities by 85.5% of respondents. Waiting time was inconvenient for 91.2 % of respondents. 95.1% were satisfied with cleanliness of ward but dissatisfaction was reported regarding availability of clean water by 91.2%, poor toilet facility by 87.5% and lack of clean and good food services by 71.6% of the patients. Satisfaction was highest for behavior of doctors (95.1%) and lowest for Class four employees (89.3%). Only 28.4 % liked the food being served. Overall impression about the hospital was good for 68.5 % of respondents.

Conclusion: Facilities that were lacking need to be addressed and can be corrected by implementing the various suggestions given by the patient.


Behavior, Cross sectional study, Patient satisfaction, Quality of Health care

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