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Dr Safoora Bilques, Dr Yangchen Dolma, Dr Rinchen Angmo


Abstract- Medical students in India have limited opportunities to participate in research. The present study is an attempt to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice towards research among undergraduate students at government medical college, Srinagar. Further, the barriers related to research were identified. Questionnaire was self administered and purpose of the study explained. Responses were expressed in proportions.  

Results:  Most of the students had positive attitude towards research. 74.7% were willing to take research as career option in future. Lack of research activity in the curriculum, lack of time, mentoring, funding and laboratory facilities were the reasons cited for not being involved in research.

Conclusion: The positive attitude of students towards research reflects the need to inculcate teaching and training in research methodology to acquire knowledge and skill. This can be done by introducing short term project during later years of medical study. Besides, this would help them in choosing their career options and would have better outcome in future.



Keyword: Medical students, Research Perspective, Research skills.


Medical students, Research Perspective, Research skills

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