Military Way of Life: A Unique First Hand Experience

Lt Gen Balwinder Singh


The military way of life is a unique style of living known only to the military personnel. It calls for the sacrifices and efforts well beyond the call of duty, not only by the serving member but also by his/her family. Therefore, there can be a great assurance in knowing that there are "others in the same boat”. Like being left behind during long deployments or moving frequently as per the call of duty. Also the frequent adjustments that need to be made to new environments and different cultures are part of it all.

Military life is one of the cherished spans of life, which one can only experience, if one is a part of it. It is beyond doubt that the qualities which are imbibed by an individual by practically going through the challenges in difficult conditions which makes him/her a holistic person.

Let us trace the trajectory of a soldier from his inception to the last moment in service and even thereafter to understand the arduous and undulating path that he undertakes to meet the tall call of his duty.

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