Safety Challenges in Construction Industry - A SHEQ Out

Priyanka Thareja


This paper evaluates essentially the safety challenges to the construction industry reviewing instances of failures and desperation from ground realities. Towards abatement of risks and safety hazards the preventive practices as per ISO 45001 are suggested in preference to the control documentation as prescribed in OHS&MS 18001. The process of Management of Change to a situation of total abatement is reviewed, for which competency need for learning has been prescribed. The need for managing processes and alignment w.r.t handling of safety issues using an ab-initio approach has been modeled, maintain due focus on Leadership, Strategies, and Customer, around the system thinking paradigm.
Analyzing the processes, it is recommended to appropriately evaluate the preventative options, as governed by should- can-will- do approach to strategically plan the responses, and considered potent will be attempted for successful consummation.

Keywords: SHEQ-PDCM, Conscientiousness, Learning for Risk Abatement, Improvement of people focus for safety

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