Modeling the Success Factors of Kaizen using Structural Equation Modeling - A Survey of Industrial Professionals and Academicians

Jagdeep Singh, Surjit Kumar Gandhi


Continuous Improvement or Kaizen approach is a management approach of achieving major enhancement in the process through small incremental improvements in the organizations. This study is an attempt to assess the different success factors of Kaizen for performance improvement of the organizations by obtaining different benefits. Structural Equation Modeling has been applied to ascertain the important benefits of implementing Kaizen issues. Results indicated that small incremental improvements are capable of improving the e economic performance followed by competitive performance and environmental performance.

Keywords: Kaizen, Structural Equation Modeling and Performance Parameters

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Singh J, Gandhi SK. Modeling the Success Factors of Kaizen using Structural Equation Modeling - A Survey of Industrial Professionals and Academicians. J Adv Res Qual Control Mgmt 2019; 4(1&2): 18-23.


Kaizen, Structural Equation Modeling and performance parameters

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