Lean, 6-sigma for Green Manufacturing Competence

Mannu Thareja


There is a serious intent of the present government to invigourate manufacturing, which cannot happen unless the industry caters to customer’s requirements fully, sincerely, and competitively. But to make this ambition live the industry must gear up with the use of tools, policies and paradigms, such that the various issues are brought under control. Some of these higher level tools/ paradigms include the use of Lean Manufacturing / Green Manufacturing and Six Sigma.

This paper attempts to evaluate the characteristics of two tools/ paradigms of Lean for Green manufacturing, and Six Sigma, discussing their boundaries, impacts on application, and constraints/ limitations of their operational area.

We attempt to build up a case for their deployment in an integrated form, and if and how they could be combined to fulfill the objects of the customer and the three objectives of waste reduction, defect reduction, and an environment which is green and motivating for the operators. The objective is contemplated to further energise the Make in India initiative of government of India.

Keywords: Make in India, System of systems, DOWNTIME (Seven Wastes), Synergy, Thareja’s AUM model

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Thareja M. Lean, 6-sigma for green Manufacturing Competence. J Adv Res Qual Control Mgmt 2018; 3(1&2): 25-36.


Make in India, system of systems, DOWNTIME (seven wastes), synergising of tools, Lean as a philosophy

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