Development of Artificial Intelligence based Hill Transport System

Ramesh Chandra Panda, Gurpreet Singh, Kamlesh Kumar Singh, Priyavrat Thareja


Increasing spate of road traffic fatalities and injuries is a critical public issue which becomes super critical in mountaneous regions. It though deserves and gets a concerted efforts for effective and sustainable prevention, the promise is best served thru design based interventions. Use of a sensor system encompassing signal processors was envisaged as a possible solution to avoid road accident in hilly areas. This paper reports the Design & Development of a trouble free driving using arduino road tracking as a prime objective. This called for the use of Sensors towards monitoring individual vehicles from a designed standoff distance and buzzer to alert driver crossing from other side. Ultrasonic sensors have been used to detect
threats at stipulated frequencies well in time. Design was based upon time measurements between the emission and reception.


Artificial Intelligence, Intrusion Detection Systems, Neural Networks (computer), UTMC

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WHO study available

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