The Societal Quality and WE (The Individual)

Priyavrat Thareja


Society is defined as an ensemble of human population who delves in a superior way, and unlike the uncivilized part of animal world. However our civil population, through the evolutionary phase did get impacted negatively, so as to be sick enough in various pockets. In the Industrial world unhindered expansion in productive capacities, leading to severe wastages in resources and scrap, obsessed not only the industrial sector but the whole communities with various ills. In such a scenario the entry of Dr William Edward Deming acted as a succor for the ailing manufacturing sector. This paper charts the journey of societal revival at the behest of Deming through his Theory of Profound Knowledge.

How profound knowledge served to change style, thought processes and practices to change societal, and work, behaviour has formed the theme of this paper. It counts that but for Deming’s initiatives the society would not have been prepared for transformation to a new harmonious world through an adoption of new philosophy. The journey is sketched referring to steps of Thareja’s AUM Model, emphasising the relevance of three phases namely Alignment, Utilisation and Metamorphosis. 

Keywords: Holean, Psychology, System, Sustainability, Thareja’s AUM model, Theory of Profound knowledge, Transformation, Variation, William Edward Deming

How to cite this article: Thareja P. The Societal Quality and WE (The Individual). J Adv Res Qual Control Mgmt 2016; 1(1): 1-14.


William Edward Deming (refered to WE), Thareja’s AUM model, Theory of Profound knowledge , system, variation, psychology, transformation, sustainability, Holean

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