Graduating with City Smart Infrastructure (Civil Engineering) –part I

Priyanka Thareja, Mannu Thareja


The provision of quality living in a city is dependent upon the Utilities and amenities provisioned for the residents. Initial designing and implementation is the forte of body of engineers at the behest of administration, but a consistent upkeep is the responsibility of the residents collectively. Infact the quality of city is a collective responsibility of the team of residents that also includes the several functionaries responsible for the task.


The utilities and provisions have been judiciously identified in this paper, by review of literature and research and the technology related provisions have been further analysed for ascertaining various requirements.  Apart that critical initiatives required have been investigated, the main handicap is perceived to be lack of people competence (education) and culture (attitude). It is further resolved that the smart city initiatives would suffer a bottleneck in terms of the impending manpower shortage for which globally several degree programs have been initiated. A list of such programmes are presented, while a case is made for initiating such a programme .


quality Change” Quality Cities, Quality Living, Smart City Culture,

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