Upcoming Manufacturing Techniques in Electronics

Mehak Mittu, Parth Dhiman, Manpreet Singh


The epoch of electronics initiated with the creation of the transistor in 1947 and the silicon-based semiconductor technology. Almost more than seven decades later, now we are delimited by electronic expedient. As much as we try to deny it, we bank on these devices in our normal routine. Electronics and Communication Engineering symbolizes a wide-ranging turf that further embraces the sub-fields, which are digital electronics, analog electronics, communication systems, power electronics, consumer electronics and embedded systems, and many more. The devices with acumen rule the world these days. This intelligence to these devices is provided through embedded systems. From past few years, silicon remained the only option in electronics, but recent progresses in nanotechnology and material science have introduced novel trails in electronics. In this paper, we have discussed some major upcoming manufacturing technologies in the field of Electronics and Communication.

Keywords: Natronix, Network neutrality, Machine learning

How to cite this article: Mittu M, Dhiman P, Singh M.Upcoming Manufacturing Techniques in Electronics. J Adv Res Qual Control Mgmt 2017; 2(1): 27-29.


Natronix, Network neutrality, Machine learning

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