Commuters’ Perception of Road Safety and Accidents on MDR-60

Ranjit Singh Dhami, Kamaljeet Kainth, Dr Priyavrat Thareja


Increasing spate of road traffic fatalities and injuries is becoming a critical public issue that requires concerted efforts for effective and sustainable prevention. This is attributed to both increasing speeds on road and decreased concern for common commuter. Recent strictness from legislative and regulatory bodies has helped strengthening and intervention of controls but the benefits appear to happen at a slow pace. Since education is more potent than any ordinance, there is a need to investigate its realistic status and hence the need for taking an overview of road users’ awareness. Given ‘safety habits and conformance to norms can avert the unfortunate situations,’1 we now investigate the actual status about road traffic problems of the MDR-60-Hoshiarpur-Phagwara bye-pass and presents the analysis after comparison with state and national level statistics. 


Road traffic accidents, Unnatural deaths, Safety, Helmets, Seat belts, Vehicle, Alcohol, Road users MDR-60

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