Modeling Effectiveness of Quality in Education through Internship Training

Shalom Akhai, Dr. Nidhi Tanwar


Apropos the recent mushrooming of technical institutions, and reduced employability of graduate engineers, the lowering quality of technical education is being taken on a serious note. Towards positive interventions industrial internship training is one such factor that is positively contributing to the technical education. This paper presents a concept of quality management to an engineering institute so as to improve the quality of education and its effectiveness. A regression model is proposed that evaluates effectiveness of industrial internship training imparted as a part of technical education program based on a survey. Data was analyzed by Taguchi quality control technique, determining correlation of three factors, namely size of training provider, stipend if any, and duration of training. This method can be easily extendable to comparisons of any number of factors and any number of institutions.


Internship training, Quality education in India, Taguchi array

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