Principle for Principal-A Leading Journey

Mannu Thareja, P Thareja


The education is a growth of the meta-learning process, and not learning of facts, It is a paradigm of values,ethics and progress which is holistically applied. The present work explains the scenario from a leadership angle and suggests the leadership tales on the role of principle leadership, inculcating ethics and values in students. The road map revolves around teachers as a roundabout where the principal is set in the centre, not as a policeman, but also as a role model governor who orchestrates the show in his institution. Additionally, the principal, Principal who helps taeachers manage rosters effectively, is primarly required to plan for progess, which as per the Japanese management practices takes 80% of routine time.

Keywords: PAP (Punctuality, Attendance and Participation), Leadership, Holean, Excellence, Quality of Class Room

How to cite this article: Thareja M, Thareja P. Principle for Principal- A Leading Journey. J Adv Res Qual Control Mgmt 2016; 1(1): 26-32.


PAP (Punctuality, Attendance and Participation), leadership, holean, excellence, quality of class room

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