The Impact of Politics on the Administration: How Appropriate so UnfairThe Impact of Politics on the Administration: How Appropriate so Unfair

Priya Singh


The dichotomy of administration and politics has had a strange history and for more than a century it has been one of the most disreputable topic in the field of public administration. Woodrow Wilson was one of the avid proponents of this dichotomy. In his paper entitled “The Study of Administration” (1887) Wilson said that the administration as a field of business must be removed from the hurry and strife of politics. For President Wilson, the field of politics aims to answer the question, “Who shall make law and what shall it be?” while administration attempts to address the question, “How should the law be administered?” Wilson’s contemporary Frank Goodnow stated that while politics has something to do with policies or expressions of the State’s will, administration has to do with the execution of such policies. 

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