State Politics in Uttar Pradesh

Sarita Sharma, Dr. Gunjan Sachdeva


India is a transitional society; its politics tends to be in a process of flux and change. The need to study state politics draws heavily upon systematic approach. Uttar Pradesh has been the cradle of Hindu civilization and culture. Probably it is also the most cosmopolitan of all the states of India. The politics in Uttar Pradesh has not only revolutionized various aspects of life in the state but also procured eminent names to the politics of India as well. Before 1967, the state had been a prey to factionalism of the Congress party in the state. The state’s politics has encountered a major overwhelming upheaval in the last few decades. Uttar Pradesh, a strong bastion of the Congress party till 1989 has come to be a state governed by coalition governments for a decade now except for the one brief period of BJP government in the early 1990s. The electoral politics of Uttar Pradesh can be neatly divided into two phasesthe phase of Congress domination from 1952 to 1989 and the non-Congress phase of coalition governments from 1989 to 1999 characterized by the three political formations, viz., the SP, the BJP and the BSP. In the article an attempt has been made to find out political shifts, challenges and current political scenario of UP that has brought immense turn in the politics of UP


Cosmopolitan, Congress, Politics, Coalition, Parliamentary, Caste, Factionalism, Criminalization, Nepotism

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