Administrative Structure and Functions in Uttar Pradesh: in Today’s Context

Ashish Kumar Srivastava


This article explains the structure and functions of administrative setup of Uttar Pradesh (UP). This article begins with the constitutional setup of the province. Under the constitutional setup, the role of the governor in the province is elaborately dealt with. His legislative, executive and judicial powers are discussed thoroughly. The article explains that how the bicameral legislature of the province keeps a check and balance on the executive wing and makes it accountable to the legislative bodies. Several legislative committees of the provincial legislative body assist in this matter. Further, the role of the Chief Minister of the province is elaborately dealt with as he is the de facto executive head. Being the head of the government of Uttar Pradesh, he is accountable for each and every right or wrong act of entire government machinery in the real sense. Even further, the structure of cabinet and the council of ministers is dealt with along with its functions. This article also highlights the structure and functioning of the provincial secretariat and the definite role played by it. For the administrative convenience, the entire province is divided into eight zones and eighteen divisions which comprise of seventy five districts. For this, secretaries, divisional commissioners, district magistrates or deputy commissioners along with provincial services officials are involved. Their hierarchy, jurisdiction and span of control are examined. Even further, the above officials are assisted by the police department of UP government, which is the largest police force in the world under single command. In last, the structure and function of the judiciary of UP is discussed in short. The article ends with the suggestions for smooth and efficient functioning of bureaucracy as the success of legislature, government and even judicial bodies depends upon the well-structured, wellmaintained and competent bureaucracy. 

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