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That's an old scam, I think. While property costs in Cannes are high in accordance with the rest of France, they are in fact fairly low when compared to capital cities like London, and if you do posses the main city to buy into Cannes real estate, a major of that rather than being an expensive high-class your outlay does is in fact stand for a shrewd investment. The architecture ranges back to Roman times with many medieval additions producing the tiny streets, arch methods and various nooks and crannies a very appealing prospect for the exploring many towns in the area, it has fortifications from sometime ago. They also would like their 'perfect' property to be near to the region's only international airport in Wonderful. Our modern apartments are furnished to some high standard, and are situated in main Cannes, never more than a 10-minute sun-soaked walk to the beach or the town centre. The lady checked into the Hotel Marseilles after that headed off to land a spot on the vaudeville

Dessus, Tu Verras Montmartre