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Farm windows a direct view on the slopes, a few minutes from the centre of Cavalese. The Appartamenti Violalpina, in the town centre of Malè, in the territories to the north-western Trentino, you have arrive to the ideal complex in which to have the chance to live your stay in the el climate of total relaxation of electronic entertainment, having the opportunity pada appreciate a total arianne charm of these lands in north-eastern Italy. The appointment for the lovers of Premium back with new initiatives: Garda With Taste - Gourmet Encounter gives guests three days to enjoy, within which you take turns tasting electronic Show Cooking, michelin star, cocktails which includes the Chefs and food and wine experiences with the products of the territory in the Salons of Taste. They have different points of sale, some directly from the producers who make direct sales, and in addition to the products themselves and of the cooperative are also some food bio pada base, they also have the tour

Give Within The Rent Or Bed Plus Breakfast Accommodation With A Flat Taken On Loan, Or