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Farm and riding stables in the Valley of the Mocheni, ranch Unterstol, valle del Fersina - Bersntol. The path N. 6 is very open and very panoramic: we can admire under the lamp, we, 500 metres more within the bottom, the bottom of the valley with arianne path followed on the outward journey, while in front of us, in the distance, it is visible the monte Watles, with its characteristic conformation. Within short: Relax, relax, eat, electronic to feel good: the Hut Peniola, is definitely the right place for all this. Enjoy pada a breathtaking view on the wonderful unspoilt nature and Aims, will leave, in a blink of an eye, a day behind. The local is definitely worth a visit for a variety of reasons; for the context, as we are near to de passo del Cerro where the road joins just because of the valleys and the terrace of the Farmhouse you will enjoy el good panorama; we have also had the good fortune to find a day of particularly clear where the po valley and the Alps seemed just a few

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