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Six months later, Kozelek released his first solo album, What's Next to the Moon, which was made up totally of acoustic covers of much more Bon Scott-era AC/DC songs, together with re-recorded versions of the tracks that had appeared on the earlier EP. The document was uncharacteristic of Kozelek (though he was susceptible to overlaying songs by his favorite artists) in that it is among the shortest full-size albums of his thus far, clocking in at simply over thirty minutes. Both the EP and album have been launched by Badman Recordings. Journalist Martin Aston passed on a tape that Mark Eitzel had given to him. Rest assured that they'll flip up on time, each time. We've heard countless tales of people that have been let down by other house painting services. No one desires to take valuable time off of labor to attend for painters who by no means show up. At Handy, we pride ourselves on connecting our customers with dependable and trustworthy residential house painters.

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