A Study of Perfumes Buying Behavior of Consumers in India

Surabhi Singh


India has a long history of perfume expertise dating back over 300 years. The familiarity of the average Indian with complex fragrances, coupled with strong cultural factors has given Indian fragrances a unique character.

The fragrance market in India is small in comparison to those in developed countries, but it has the potential to develop into one of the biggest in the years to come. The opportunity in this sector is more and it has a middle class of 100 million people with growing disposable incomes. At the same time, improved efficiencies in the supply chain, product and process innovation and higher aspirations amongst consumers are driving a boom in the FMCG sector.

The company like Titan Industries has stepped into perfume market with its SKINN range. Vini Industries with FOGG has already dominated the market with its varied perfume range. The study has been focused to understand the scope of perfume in the Indian Market and factors affecting the perfume buying behavior of consumers.


Supply chain, Complex fragrances, Perfume market, Consumer buying.

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