Analysis of the factors influencing the sales of retail outlets in suburban by taking the customer purchase patterns and their perception

Jakkireddy Suresh Reddy, K A Ramana


The purpose of the study was to analyze the factors influencing the sales of the retail outlets in the suburban area. It was designed mainly to find the relation between the retail sales and few of the factors like retail location etc, which were not, studied earlier mostly. Consumer purchase patterns were taken into consideration and the study was carried for about a month by taking different samples of various family units randomly. It was found that the factors like retail location, air-condition facility in the retail outlet, behavior of the sales staff in retail outlet, arrangement of the products in the shelf etc were influencing the sales of the retail outlets. There is a good fit between all theses factors as a whole and the product sales of retail outlets. 


Retail sales, Regression analysis, Correlation, influence, residuals

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