Service Marketing Mix: A Critical Review

Ritu Saxena, Rajesh Sharma


Marketing mix is the most elementary concept of marketing which is a set of convenient marketing tools that an organization uses to create a craved reaction in the targeted market. This is the essential elementsof a marketing strategy and as a way of translating marketing planning into practice. Conversely, while managing the services, 3 more P’s namely process, people and physical evidence plays a vital role. Service Organization can take the benefit by adopting the 7 P’s. The article assesses the current standing of the 4Ps Marketing Mix framework as the dominant marketing management paradigm followed by contemporary perspective of service marketing mix and its significance in retail industry. The article also attempts to develop an understanding on the traditional and extended elements of marketing mix. Lastly the article is concluded with the discussion on the strengths and weakness of 4ps’ and 7ps’.1


Marketing mix, 4p’s, 7p’s, Retail industry, Service marketing

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