Influence of Promotional Tools on Pharmaceutical Retailers’ Decision to Place Orders

Vinita Srivastava


The study examines the perceptions of pharmaceutical retailers on the association between retail store demographics and influence of promotional tools on the decision to place orders. Promotional tools studied in the article are: medical representatives, schemes, gifts, promotional literature and online promotion. A total of 400 respondents (pharmaceutical retailers) were contacted by personally visiting them and 252 completed usable questionnaires were obtained. Respondents were also enquired about the reasons for which medical representatives visit them and promotional measures the pharmaceutical firms should take which will help retailers. A positive association has been found between the number of employees in the store and the influence of gifts on decision to place orders. Data reveals that the medical representatives influence the decision to book orders in smaller stores more as compared to stores with larger size. A significant relationship was found between number of years store has been in business and influence of medical representatives, schemes, and gifts on decision to book orders.


Retailers, Orders, Pharmaceutical industry, Promotional tools.

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