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Bio Statement HP Laptops Handling, Ergonomics. From the first grip, we feel that HP wanted to create a product esthetics finishes impeccable. This is the case. Nothing creaks or exceeds all and inspires confidence. The keyboard is large, and the keys are comfortable for entering text. It is very far from the models 7 and 9 inches in typing comfort. Between the keyboard and touchpad, you can note the presence of a button which serves to disable the pavement. Very useful for text input as this feature prevents unintentional movement of the mouse. The touch pad is elongated. The clicks buttons are positioned on the sides to gain depth. The surface of this element is dull and the first downside of this section: unfortunately the slides is not optimal. The finger grip a little, and we've seen better elsewhere. The height of the pad is measured at 3.5 cm. It picked up a bit and smaller than the 1002HA, for example. Regarding the food: easily plug out of its location, just turn it on herself. Be careful to check out its position if you want to reload your machine. A point to raise on the noise emitted by the machine. When it is heavily used, its internal fan snaps. This creates a little noise: not very high yet very present. The webcam image is frankly disappointing. Indoors, with average brightness, the image reproduced is very dark. We can hardly recognize not features of the person. To counter this effect, push the brightness up to an average score in the end. As for the microphone, we were unable to make it work. On the slices of the device include: two USB (that bit), 1 RJ45 (behind a plastic cover), a socket extension, a mini-jack and a memory card reader. What about the video output? There is not, at least not directly. HP indicates the possibility of buying a cable to plug into the The speaker is located above the keyboard. It is present in the form of a large metal bar. The sound it produces is very average. There is just enough to watch a flm, alone with his machine. We recommend you use headphones to fully enjoy particularly low. On the netbook, the only element that you have access, under 500 apart from the battery, is the barrette RAM (brand Ramaxel) 1 GB Calculations. The components of mini-notebooks can be counted on the fingers of the hand. The most common combination for the 10-inch Intel Atom NV270 + Intel GMA 950 and hard disk. This model does not cut tradition. The only two items on which they can differentiate themselves, are the RAM and hard drive. Here, in this case, the second is not very satisafaisant for two reasons. Its capacity is only 60GB (where other phones amounted to 160 GB), and its maximum transfer rate is 30 GB disc in early (against 70 MB for the most efficient). The boot time (boot time) is also a little behind with 1 minute 5 seconds (cons 30 seconds for the fastest). The CPU, it will be recalled, allows all the operations of conventional laptops such as Hp F2299A, Hp F3172A and Omnibook XE. But compared to a current model mid / high range, it takes two to three times longer for the same tasks of file compression, or retouching of images for example. In video, the only restrictions are very heavy on the HD, the computer then shows its limits.expansion port to a VGA output.