Designing of Computer Based Network for Widely Distributed Centers in Civil Society

Hemchandra M. Padalikar, Balwinder Singh


This paper is fundamentally founded on a case study of communication between primary health centers. Information is generated after performing computer processes. This information is communicated for further use at various stations located remotely. To exchange the information the various networks, LAN, WAN, MAN are available. These networks are not suitable for data communication between the remotely located computers. The remote computers dispersed geographically at certain locations, but some organizations have a need to perform faster and efficient data transfer. These organizations have developed their own network to communicate the geographically distributed sub centers. Some of the networks are wired networks using internet connectivity and some networks are without internet connectivity (own network). But both networks have the limitations. We suggest low cost computer communication network which connect the remotely located computers. Present paper explain concept of suggested network, which is useful for organizations such as State Transport Corporation (ST) of Maharashtra, District wise Primary Health Centers, University and the affiliated colleges, etc.

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