Mapping of Research Productivity in University of Rajasthan: A Scientometric Study

G ulaganathan, R Senthilkumar


This article discusses about the published research articles and its citation available in the Indian Citation Index by the authors from University of Rajasthan. The relevant data are collected from Indian Citation Index and it was analyzed. It shows among the published 1716 articles, maximum of 191(11.13%) articles published in 2012 and minimum of 56(3.26%) articles published in 2015.Based on the citation study during the period 1595 citations were made. Among the 1595 Citations, maximum of 288(18.05%) citations in 2004 and minimum number of citations 1(0.06%) in 2015, was identified.


Mapping, Research Productivity ICI, Year -wise Distribution, Citation Analysis, University of Rajasthan, Scientometric.

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