Study of Mobile Payments in India based on Gender

Shine David, Akshata Deo, Dimple Sukhija, Swati Sharma, Twinkle Sawlani


Mobile Payment Services becoming popular day by day all over the world. At this point of development we take a look at the current state of mobile payment services, review prior literature related to this topic, analyze the factors affecting on it, and using old ideas give innovative way for this rapidly growing technology. Mobile Payment Services is excessively being executed by the organizations as a new way of taking business ahead. As it is a growing concept, it is being researched by many researchers. We have applied One-Way ANOVA test to study the responses of the survey. We have also used SPSS (statistical package for social science) to check the reliability of the survey. To make this research more useful, we have gone through top 10 research papers related to mobile payment services. 


Mobile Payment, m-payments, Developing Countries, Literature Review.

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