Technology Department of Transport - Mawaqif Abu Dhabi/ UAE/ Case Study

Ayman Alarmoti, Adnan Jawabri, Zainab Khan


This paper is present a brief technology and social problem in one of the government companies in Abu Dhabi which is (Department of Transport- Mawaqif). Mawaqif is a formal management belonging to the road transport sector in the Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi which specializes in the management and organization of positions in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The “parking” to work on an integrated project management positions in the emirate, which aims to solve the problems of the positions of the vehicles, as the project means offering integrated and innovative solutions in this area contribute to improving the quality of life for residents of Abu Dhabi and its visitors. We found out the issue of having lots of Mawaqif fines that people forgot to pay the fees for the tickets and there was no way to remember them to pay them. From the process of violation is that the employee of Mawaqif is that he makes a preview for one time to the car to check if the fees are paid or not after 10 or 15 mints he returned to write the violation. From this, we find the solution is to receive a message when the preview process is done to the car owner. Which will indefinite them in details in this report. Our finding is easy with using techniques that help to find them. Learning and training are important for any firm. All employees should have training and workshops to face any problem can have in the future. Developing abilities important to have good employees can solve the problems they faced in their jobs. This will need support from the manager to register their employees in right training courses that they really need in real working places and jobs. In my view, it will be hard to do that if the manager its own do not have this techniques and lecture of management, in this case, he will not see that the employees and himself have to improve their abilities in this. In our case, we found that there was a problem with customers and the employees cannot do anything that takes their complains because they did not have any chance to have good training to solve the problems because this step is from the supervisors and managers responsible. But if they give chance for the employees to have focusing groups and involve them in the problem solving they will find out that they can solve the problems of customers in short time before reaching them to the supervisors and managers, which is the very good thing to make the customers happier.     


Technology, Social Problem, Department of Transport - Mawaqif

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