An Impact Study of Organization Culture through Implementation of Organization Development Interventions in Selected Branches of State Bank of India & its Associates - Research Article

Alisha Rai Bhatia, Trilok Kumar Jain


Organization development is a continuous process of doing planned change in organization for its betterment and effective growth. Perhaps most importantly organization culture penetrates to the essence of an organization – it is almost analogous with the concept of personality in relation to the individual. This study emphasis on the fact that Organizational culture transformation can be a long and difficult process but with the Organization Development Interventions, many companies find the end result is well worth it. There is not one set culture that is right for every company, as there are several very successful companies have very different but equally successful organizational culture. A strong organization will focus on the environment it creates for its workers because that will help encourage a more efficient and productive company. Focusing on building and sustaining organizational culture shows employees that they are considered an important part of the company.  

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