A case study on Corporate Social Responsibility in NESTLE, TATA, ITC

Sanjeet Singh, Jagmeet Bawa, Gagan Deep Sharma


Since the times of the barter system to present era of plastic money, the mankind has stridden out long path. There is no doubt in this that “profitability” has always been the primary force and main motivation behind all this development. This motive actually increased cut throat competition between the business forms. Because of this competition, the companies stated exploiting the quality of product as well as the environmental concern. Slowly and gradually the business houses realized that they have to give back to the society because they are surviving because of the society only. This realization gives the birth to the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility. However, the companies started using this concept for brand building more than delivering it as a responsibility. The studies also revealed that the companies used the corporate social responsibility for enhancing their profit as well.

This present study attempts to investigate about the core concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR), and finding out its scope taking the case study of the TATA Group, ITC and NESTLE. 


CSR, Nestle, TATA, ITC, Business model

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