Management of Stress through Yoga

P K Pandia


Today man has made advancement in every walk of materialistic life. What was till yesterday just a dream has been realized or in the pipeline for realizing in the time to come. Things once considered to be impossible have been achieved to a large extent. Whatever we have got today could not have been dreamed of by our forefathers. Scientists, technocrats, doctors and researchers have entirely changed our lifestyle. Science has been constantly showering new means of comfort and convenience. We can reasonably assert that we have got the abundance of means and material but a big question looms large as far as happiness is concerned. Craving for more and more means of comfort has made us heartless. Human values are on the decline. The competition, jealousy, restlessness etc. have led us to be the victim of stress and strain. Mental tension and strain creates undesirable effect on our mind and body. They are accountable for various diseases such as heart attack, kidney, cancer, diabetes, acidity, hypertension, paralysis and so on. These days even small children are falling prey to these diseases in large number. Silent heart attacks, cancer, tumor and such diseases are the offshoots of lifestyle and outlook.


Ashatanyoga, Yoga, Stress, Management.

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