Corporate Social Responsibility: Trends and Issues

Urvashi Makkar, Sanjeev Kumar Singh, Rinku Sanjeev


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been established today as key activity or symbol of service for the business organisations for the society they are operating in. It determines social commitment in the form of their policies and action. Although the concept of CSR emerged in 1970s but around year 2000, the corporate started accepting and thinking over it. Gradually, from last decade there is a shift change in the decision-making and execution process regarding this responsibity of Corporate and Business organisations. This article discusses about the conceptual background, the changing path and execution processes about the much discussed social responsibility of corporate i.e. CSR.

This article includes discussing the key drivers of CSR, the issues impacting CSR practices, the benefit to company, to the community, and to the environment. The article also includes addressing challenges to CSR and the initiatives taken at different level by different Corporate & social agencies which ensures corporate participation in social development and provides an institutional base for social activities of the corporate sector.


Corporate, Social obligation, Social responsiveness, Sustainable business, Social welfare, Community, Environment

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