An Empirical Case Study of DEMATEL Method Focus on Indonesian Coffee Consumption

Tien-Chin Wang, Muhammad Ghalih, Nomin Galbadrakh


The single-mindedness of this study is to find the key factors prompting Indonesian coffee consumption and explore the causal relationships between perspectives (P) and criteria (C). This case study used DecisionMaking Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (DEMATEL) method used for making decision and analysis to forecast future scenarios. The results found that the DEMATEL include six main perspectives and eighteen criteria were extracted and then validated by fifteen experts. Therefore, the most critical evaluation perspective with the most exceptional value 11.4074, although Availability (P4) was the least essential perspective with the smallest value 7.0138. Regarding value, the prioritization of the importance of four evaluation perspective numbred from perspectives P1 to perspectives P4. Finally, the proposed methods not only improve the DEMATEL methodology but also provide a valuable reference to do the best planning for Indonesian coffee segment. 


Coffee, Consumption, DEMATEL, Indonesia

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