Global Profit Optimization in Multiple Production Systems of Time-Sensitive Production Cycle

Said El Noshokaty


In business, it is common to find multiple production systems which employ their own resources along with some coupling resources cutting across all systems. Of these production systems there are some systems which are not subject to variation in production time, i.e. less sensitive to time. These systems have been mathematically formulated and solved by Dantzig-Wolfe Decomposition Principle. Some other systems, which are subject to variation in production time, i.e. sensitive to time, have not been solved yet despite their high importance. This research is to announce the existence of a solution methodology that best solve the problem of such systems. A decision support system applying this methodology in trade is brought for the researchers to follow in other businesses.


Global Optimization, Multiple Production Systems, Time-Sensitive Production Cycle, Decision Support Systems, Linear Ratio Models

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