Consumer Perception of Herbal/ Ayurvedic Products in India

Manisha Singh, Vinita Srivastava


Herbal cosmetic products’ demand is picking up in India. In this paper authors have attempted to study consumer perception related to herbal products in India. Data was collected through structured questionnaire. A sample size of 196 usable questionnaires could be obtained. The objective of the study were to study positive perspective of price i.e., price quality schema and prestige sensitivity in reference to herbal and ayurvedic cosmetic products. It was found that consumers consider herbal products to be better than other products in their respective categories. Mean score for prestige sensitivity with herbal products was also higher. Reliability score for the constructs were found satisfactory. It was also evident from research that price quality schema and prestige sensitivity were independent of demographic variables (age, gender, income and occupation). 

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