Impact Identification and Determinants of Gambling: A Case of Figure Gambling in Sholapur

Roopesh Kaushik, Suhrsh Shirke


The study is an attempt to identify various determinants, viz., income, consumption, age, education and sex of figure gambling. The activity which is considered to be illegal by the government of many countries is widely practiced in Sholapur district of Maharashtra. The current study adopts a mixed-method research design to examine the motivation for gambling and its impact on developmental indicators. Results show that the variables like income, education, sex, consumption and age are having relationship with gambling and its frequency. Although the values of correlation coefficients are very small, except in case of education and sex, yet the analysis shows some sort of relationships between these variables and gambling frequency. 


Figure Gambling, Developmental indicators, Income, Education, Sex, Consumption and Age, Sholapur district

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