A Study on Buying Behaviour of Consumers for ITC Classmate Notebooks in Delhi NCR

Vijendra Dhyani


In the backdrop of emerging significance of Branded stationery products, the current research paper is an attempt to know the buying behaviour of the consumers for the stationery products-notebook. Undoubtedly Notebook is a product, which is used by each and every person. There are various brands of notebook in the market of different types Price, Colour, design, paper quality etc. So the notebook market is full of competition where the consumer possesses vast variety of choice to select his brand which depends on his buying behaviour. Although it is very difficult to describe consumer buying behaviour about notebook, but once it is achieved, it becomes imperative for marketers for their promotional strategies.

The major objectives of the current research paper are to explore the popularity of Classmate against other competing brands in the segment, to study the factors influencing buying behaviour of classmate notebooks. The Paper also focuses on to study the relationship between brand name and quality of product in stationary products and to know the competitors of Classmate and analyse their shares in the market

For this research paper, a sample in Delhi, NCR region has been chosen to explore all the factors regarding preferences notebooks. The primary data has been analysed using statistical tools like Factor Analysis and Scree Plot.

The significance of the current paper lies in the fact that it is expected to:

  • Help the marketers to focus attention to different aspects of choosing stationery products.
  • Provide insight in buying behaviour of consumers to the marketers enabling them to focus on right promotional strategies.


Stationery products, Buying Decisions, Consumer Behaviour, Brand Choice.

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