Academic Journal: Concern on Academic Publication Management

Viroj Wiwanitkit


In academic work, in the present day, there are increasing expectations on the academic personnel. It seems that the main roles of any academic personnel in any universities or institutes include: (a) teaching, (b) research, (c) generation of new things, (d) promotion by giving service and (e) administration. To manage the rapid influx of workload, the academic personnel have to adjust their lifestyle and reorganize the paradigm or “paradigm shift.” The first basic rule for any high education academic center is the center has to produce research and publication. Research is the searching process but it will be useless without publication, which means to publicize the research findings. This is the way to give knowledge widely and have it become useful for real life. Publication is the international index for determining the academic property of either the academic personnel or the institute. Publication is not a new thing. It remains within the high education curriculum for a long time. It is the basic requirement for graduation of high education. Setting a journal to serve the increasing requirement of each center is widely done. It is the present trend of any institute. Many new journals can be seen worldwide. Of interest, with rapid increasing influx of new journals and publications, the survival of the new journals is of concern. It seems that the survival depends mainly on the standards. Toward standards, international journal is a very important topic for discussion. The issue on business law and technology management is hereby discussed.


Academic, Publications, Standards, Law, Management.

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