Corporate Social Responsibility: A Philosophy behind the Philosophy

Towseef Ahmad


The term Corporate Social Responsibility has gathered much spin in the recent past cutting across cross-cultural business scenarios and various disciplines including law. It is a fact of life that when man ventures into greed he might often commit moral lapses. As a natured landscape of quest to ethical basis, many Corporations are going beyond binaries of right and wrong by proactively attempting to make things better in the communities in which their businesses operate. As against an operational part, theoretically also, many of today’s Corporations and Companies are exhibiting what is known as Corporate Social Responsibility, not only attempting to meet discrete legal techniques and philosophical standards of living but cherishing values that promote the greater welfare of society at large from the point of view of Social Welfare State. Be it as it may, it furthers social welfare measures, donations and taking initiatives to make our air, water and surroundings clean. It is of paramount obligation for businesses and tycoons of today’s Corporations, which assume a great significance and is explained within the framework of this article.


Corporate Social Responsibility, Stakeholder, Corporations, Philosophy and Standards

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