Comparative Analysis of Undergraduate Life Cycle in KPO Industry

Apoorva Trivedi


With the passing span of time, reputation and development of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector headed to the improvement of yet another form of global outsourcing known as Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO). As comprehensive business is becoming more cutthroat, the rotation time for presenting products and services has become reduced. Customers demand high quality of services offered. In retort, business initiative approved structures and business models that deliver working proficiency.

The area of research incorporates analyzing the recruitment practices & informants admired by the various KPOs acknowledged for the comparative study and proposing alternative techniques for recruitment.

The research was made to study the feasibility of hiring undergraduates in KPO and to suggest alternate sources of recruitment for the same. A comparative study of the recruitment practices was carried out in Financial Services of KPO industry competitors. The identified KPOs for the study were State Street Syntel Services Ltd., Datamatics Global Services, WNS (Holdings) Pvt. Ltd, J. P. Morgan, Infosys BPO and Tata Consultancy Services. Data was collected both from primary and secondary sources. Collected data was examined based on the enquiry conclusions and recommendations were offered.


KPO, BPO, HR –Practices, Attrition Rate, Retention Policy

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