Exportations Non-Payment Risk Management

Said Ahrouch, Kaoutar Erramy


Being a necessity to their survival, Moroccan business companies are obliged to adopt the international trade policy. However, despite the many benefits, this action comes with several risks generated by the characteristics and nature of the global business system, one of the main risks being non-payment risk. Therefore, it is relevant and important in research in International Management to study the policy of non-payment risk management. The main objective of this paper is to specify the appropriate tactics being adopted by a multinational company in the region of Souss Massa to respond to the international non-payment risk situations. A semi-structured interview guide and a scoring tool are adopted to collect needed information. This study reveals that several factors determine the international non-payment risk management policy and leads to the necessity to evaluate the experience of all exporting Moroccan companies. 


Exportations, International non-payment risk, Risk management

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