E-Commerce: A New Way of Business

Paul Mageka Angwenyi


For developing countries like India, e-commerce offers considerable opportunities. E-commerce in India is still in nascent stage, but even the most-pessimistic projections indicate a boom. It is believed that low cost of personal computers, a growing installed base for Internet use, and an increasingly competitive Internet Service Provider (ISP) market will help fuel e-commerce growth in Asia’s second most populous nation. Indian middle class of 288 million people is equal to the entire U.S. consumer base. This makes India a real attractive market for e-commerce. To make a successful e-commerce transaction, both the payment and delivery services must be made efficient. There has been a rise in the number of companies' taking up e-commerce in the recent past. Major Indian portal sites have also shifted towards e-commerce instead of depending on advertising revenue. Many sites are now selling a diverse range of products and services from flowers, greeting cards, and movie tickets to groceries, electronic gadgets, and computers. With stock exchanges coming online, the time for true e-commerce in India has finally arrived. On the negative side, there are many challenges faced by e-commerce sites in India. The relatively small credit card population and lack of uniform credit agencies create a variety of payment challenges unknown in India. Delivery of goods to consumers by couriers and postal services is not very reliable in smaller cities, towns and rural areas. However, many Indian banks have initiated Internet banking services. Speed post and courier system have also improved tremendously in recent years. Modern computer technology like secured socket layer (SSL) helps to protect against payment fraud, and to share information with suppliers and business partners. With further improvement in payment and delivery system, it is expected that India will soon become a major player in the e-commerce market. In this article, an effort has been made to explain e-commerce & its challenges & benefits.


E-commerce, Internet Service Provider (ISP), Secured Socket Layer

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