Synthesis and Characterization of Alumina Zirconia Composite Material Doped with Silica

Manas Ranjan Majhi, S. Viswakarma, N. S. Meheta., K. Sauravh, S. Singhand


Present research work deals with synthesis of alumina zirconia silica Composite material by mixed powder composed of varying weight percentage of alumina and silica with fixed 30% weight composition of zirconia. The characteristics such as bulk density, apparent porosity, linear shrinkage and weight loss behaviour, XRD, bending strength and micro structures of different samples were analysed comparatively with gradual increment of silica content from 0 to 4wt% into base composition. After sintering at 1200°C, samples shows significant change in its physical and microstructural properties such as densification and reduction in apparent porosity, XRD pattern reveal zirconium aluminium oxide phase with conversion of monoclinic zirconia to tetragonal phase and bending strength ware also improved apparently. Micro structure analysis of sintered composite gives relative grain sizes and phases present in different samples which shows improved bonding between the matrixes with silica addition.


Alumina Zirconia, Silica, XRD pattern

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