The Effect of Grog Sizing on the Performance of Ire Ekiti Fire Clay Refractory Bricks

Adeniyi Samuel Shado, Ajayi OJ, Umeh CA


The effect of grog addition and size on the mechanical properties of ire Ekiti fireclay refractory brick composition has been investigated. Grog addition in the range of 20-60wt% and grain size of is − 3 + 2.3 mm with DTA indicating the endothermic and exothermic temperature for ikere kaolin as 518.8 o C and 986.4 o C and ire ball clay as 513.5 o C and 956.8o C have been added into the brick body composition, wet mixed, shaped, dried, and fired at 1200o C. The results indicated that as percentage grog increased bulk density, compressive strength and thermal shock of fired bricks increased, while water absorption, porosity and volume shrinkage of fired bricks decreased. The firing temperature of 1200o C also influenced the better bonds between the particles which improve the performance of fire clay bricks.


Brick, Bulk Density, Compressive strength, Grog, Porosity

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